Close customer support tickets autonomously. Handoff to human agents built in.

CRM integrations

Existing CRM data taken into account in customer chat to provide high level of detail.


Learn from chat data what customers want. Respond with easy-to-use tailor-made workflows.

ROI calculator

Number of customer service employees

How It Works


Our Machine Intelligence - Much More Than Just Plain Vanilla Machine Learning.

We use artificial intelligence (AI) to power our text analysis platform. In text analysis we use a combination of machine learning, keyword analysis and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) to analyze your customer’s text input and their intent. This happens by first determining the questions that your customers have through webchat logs or FAQs. As people have a variety of ways of asking things, we have created a method for efficiently labelling data. That data is then analyzed with our in-house platform for creating associations between questions and intents. Once the questions have been matched with intents, we serve up answers to customers. This can also be workflows for customers to fill in data, order goods or perform other self-service.

Custom AI

No third-party black-box APIs. Tailor-made flexible algorithms that suit your needs best.

Intent Training

Backend module for teaching the bot with simple question-intent matching and correction.

Workflow Builder

Build simple or complex chatbot workflows with our backend tool.

Human Handoff

Automated support capable of handing conversation to humans when needed.


Supporting a wide selection of chat and CRM platforms.


Learn what your customers are saying. Measure how the automated agent performs.


AlphaBlues is bringing considerable benefit to customer service with its advanced technology and automation capabilities.

Espen Eik

CEO, Storycom Norway

Integrating our car sales service into messaging with AlphaBlues has brought us closer to our customers.

Eero Laitila

Digital Product Manager,, Finland

AlphaBlues makes customer engagement much more efficient with their Artificial Intelligence. A really smart solution.

Christoph Dassler

CEO, defacto nextperience GmbH, Germany.

Bringing customer engagement into Facebook Messenger is the next step in customer interaction.

Külli Koort

Head of E-Commerce, Baltika Fashion Group, Estonia.



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Machine Learning

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