Messaging Automation And Analytics.

Conversational AI For The Enterprise.
Virtual Assistants and Live Chat With Unparalleled Flexibility.

End-to-end chat automation

Unlimited flexibility in chat automation.
Use virtual assistants and intelligent routing to optimize your chat processes.

We Differ By Offering Unrivalled Depth In Building Virtual Assistants


Customer Interaction Insights
Due to increasing competition in every industry, customer experience becomes a key driver in gaining a competitive edge. Building a good chatbot can be a daunting task. In order to create the best chatbot you need to have a data driven approach. With AlphaBlues analytics you will understand customers’ satisfaction, get insights into opportunities for business growth and customer retention strategies.
  • General and in-depth analytics based on topic helpfulness where after each topic customers can give feedback if topic was helpful, which will let you know exactly what needs to be done to improve your chatbot experience with customers.
  • Monitor your customers interactions through chat logs to see what links and buttons customers click, which topics are relevant, improve your customer interactions and workflows with real time data.
  • Collect feedback from customers with text and 1-10 star ratings about chatbot or human agent after each chat session.


Conversational AI

You need to be able to hold seamless, synchronous conversations with consumers across whatever channel they happen to be using at the time, no matter where they are. Improved personalization delivers a more relevant user experience, and the high levels of automation enables cost-effective delivery at scale.

  • Leverage automation, carry thousands or millions of simultaneous ongoing one-to-one conversations at scale.
  • With real time data you can tailor messaging at the individual level based on past behaviour and responses within the bot conversation.
  • Connect seamlessly with highly customizable chat, where human agents can power your consumers interactions.
  • Adapt chat to your current customer service team with the same groups, handovers, metrics, etc.
  • Make your customers feel unique and special by motivating engagement with custom setup proactive chat.
  • Easy to use tool for agent in browser with visual and audio queues.
  • Both options to set your chat up as synchronous or asynchronous.


Solutions To Get Closer To Your Customers

Scale every part of your business: sales, marketing and support with highly customized chatbots and chat specially designed to your needs. 

  • Capture your customers attention and make your chatbot more fun to engage with easily customized visuals that match your brand.
  • Once positive experiences have been delivered, you can leverage sales messages that go directly to authenticated users’ chat window. Marketers, in turn, can rely on high open rates and an effective ongoing mechanism for re-engagement.
  • Integrate with mayor platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, CRM and more to give your customers seamless omni-channel experience.
  • Automatically detect new product opportunities and areas of improvement from chat history.
  • Beat your competitors with better customer service, more efficient marketing, automated workflows and more.



Building environment for virtual assistants

Graphical interface for creating intents (i.e. topics) for the virtual assistant.

Group intents under specific folders, expand folders for easy visibility and organization.

Add buttons, quick replies, conditions, images, URLs to VA answers.

Customizable answer delay setting in milliseconds.

JS API for front end integration.

Create different menus which are triggered in different URLs where chat window is deployed.

Deep nested multistep workflows.

Unlimited number of actions.

Context specific responses.


Insert training phrases into the VA.

Change the intent matched to phrase.

Easy visibility into training data across intents.

Free text search across all intents and trained phrases.

Export and import phrases into and from CSV.

User chat messages sorted by a customizable date range.

AI predicted intents for users’ chat messages.

Ignore predicted intent when training.

Measure AI intent prediction accuracy.

Machine learning

Ensemble of machine learning and deep learning algorithms to understand the customer intent from free text.

Functional in any European language + Russian + Arabic.

Co-intent understanding.

Intent ranking and prioritization based on confidence scores.

Offer choice of multiple intents for low confidence matches.


Time interval selection for seeing the number of VA conversations.

Top intents sorted by the number of occurrences.

Least triggered intents by the number of occurrences.

General helpfulness score of the VA for the customers.

Detailed intent based helpfulness score from customers.

Count of interactions with text; with buttons; with text and buttons.

Intent report with count of sessions, feedback requested / provided / positive / negative per specific action.

Button click report.



Add chat to multiple websites.

Customers can rate agents.

Customers can provide comments as feedback to agents.

Receive messages as tickets or have them sent to email during off-hours.

Canned answers (saved replies) in the chat answering window and emojis.

Customers can send and receive files through chat.

Agents can assign chats to other agents.

Info on customers waiting in each queue and agent availability.

Adding comments to the chat conversation for leaving notes to other agents.

Agents can see history of the conversation between the customer and the VA.

Clear distinction of the handover from the VA to the agent.

URL shown from where customer came in.

Accepting/not accepting chats button for each agent.

Ability to gather various info about customer including IP, OS, chat ID.

Notes field for agents to type notes.

Configurable custom attributes in chat dashboard.


Create custom queues for receiving tickets.

Assign agents to queues.

Visual notification of new messages in browser tab.

Sound notification of a new message.

Unread messages highlighted in the queue.

Timestamp showing time since incoming.

Tag tickets.

Autoclose inactive tickets.


First response time, average response time.

Agent first and response time.

Number of chats with agents.

Rejected and abondoned chats per queue.

Proactive chats offered, accepted and abandoned.

Maximum time of waiting in queue before reaching agents.

Queue abandonment rate.

Agent activity with 15 minute intervals of accepting, not accepting and writing chats.

Agents online, customers in queues, customers waiting – live view, last 15 minutes and last 24 hours.

Tag counts.


Encrypted data transfer over HTTPS.

IP based restrictions (e.g. banned visitors).

Single sign-on (ADFS).

Operations log.

Password expiration and complexity checks.


Supervision of agents by administrators while answering chats.

Role based access to chat solution features.

Change agents’ avatar pictures, maximum chats, name.

Add and delete agents.

Archive search.

Archive summary data.


Intelligent routing from VA to the relevant agent with prioritization.

Detailed configuration of chat and handover in synchronous (live) and asynchronous (messaging) mode.

Customized flows in VA for handing chats over to agents (e.g. forms, additional questions).

Conversations in each queue are marked by anonymous name if customer is unauthenticated.

VA responses customized based on agents status and queue availability.

Chat window icon and name change in handover from VA to agents.

Proactive chat automatically disabled if queues are full.

When queues full customers can stay on-hold or leave custom message.

VA can trigger actions on the website on customer’s behalf (e.g. open windows, views).

Co-pilot mode where AI monitors what customer says and suggests answers for agents to use.

Agents can use and modify co-pilot mode suggested answers with one click.

Automatic training of the VA when agents use suggested answers.


Change chat window color, design, fonts, text and size with customizable CSS.

Change icon in the chat window and the chat widget bubble with text.

“Someone is typing” indicator in the chat window.

Show VA or agent name in the chat window.

Show videos, pictures, buttons, GIFs, text, emojis and links.

Carousel view in chat window to showcase products.

Mobile optimized.

Customizable forms for collecting information.

URL specific configuration.

3 VA-agent configurations: 1) VA only 2) Agent only 3) VA with handover to agent.

Proactive chat window popup.

Automatic choice of language for customer.

Ability for customers to accept terms of use and privacy.

VA response templates filled with customer specific information.

JavaScript SDK for programmatic control of the chat window.

Observable JavaScript events about actions performed in the chat window.

Compatibility with iOS and Android apps.


VA depolyment into social channels (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Slack).

Customer authentication via front end or back end.

Deployment with Docker containers into company’s private AWS, Azure, Google Cloud.

Deployment on-premises.

APIs for downloading chat transcripts, events and operational logs.

Integration with any 3rd party API (e.g. CRM, HR tools, e-mail/chat, RPA).

GDPR compliance mechanisms.

Speech-to-text and text-to-speech integrations with 3rd party APIs.

How We Work With Customers


Plan Your Virtual Assistant

Before starting to build the Virtual Assistant you should decide what is the business case. Is it for customer service? Is it for sales? Form filling? Or it can also be all of the above.


Existing Chat Data Analysis

If you have existing chat or email data (as .txt, .csv) we can use that to train the Natural Language Processing algorithms specifically for your Virtual Assistant. This speeds up the learning process.


We build the Virtual Assistant

We build the Virtual Assistant on our AlphaAI™ Platform – answering logic, language understanding, integration to your systems through our API. From you we only need intents and text answers for each intent.



We deploy the Virtual Assistant where ever you want it to be – your website, mobile app, Facebook page or Slack. Your IT can relax, deployment is usually just a line of JavaScript.


Virtual Assistant answers customer queries

The Virtual Assistant is the first to respond to your customer queries 24/7. It understands natural language in any European language and solves customer problems without human help.


Modify the Virtual Assistant yourself

You can use our AlphaAI™ Platform to easily tweak the Virtual Assistant. You can change existing intents and answers, structure and train the Natural Language Understanding yourself.


Handover to human agents in AlphaChat™

If the Virtual Assistant gets stuck, the conversation is automatically forwarded to AlphaChat™, our live chat system. The Virtual Assistant intelligently routes customer queries to the correct human agent to handle the case. 


Virtual Assistant learns automatically

As human agents answer customer queries, the Virtual Assistant observes the answers and automatically learns from them. This decreases the need for additional separate manual training.


End-to-end conversation statistics

See detailed statistics about the whole automation pipeline – from Virtual Assistant performance and conversation close rates to human agent responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

AlphaAI™ + AlphaChat™

AlphaAI™ Virtual Assistants

Custom AI and Natural Language Processing.

In-house developed AI. Tailor-made flexible algorithms. Inventory of industry specific intents.

Pre-trained domain specific models. Conversation Builder.

Create intents and multi-dialogue. Easy to use interface with no programming skills required. Compact design. API available.

Authentication built into Virtual Assistants. Sales automation.

Personal info for users with authentication. Personalized sales offers to users. Integration with ecommerce product feeds.

Detailed Analytics. GDPR compliant.

Learn what customers say, detect patterns, measure & improve performance. Comply with regulation.

AlphaChat™ Live Chat

Human & AI blending.

Topic prioritization in handover from bots to agents. Prioritize by URL or agent skills. Custom queues and ranking.

Automated Chatbot Training.

AI learns automatically by observing human agents answer customer queries. Decrease the need for manual AI training.

Agent Assist Co-Pilot Mode.

AI gives real time suggested answers to your agents in live chat. Agents can answer quicker and use best performing answers.

All Standard Chat Features.

Agent accounts, ticketing system, team grouping, abandonment rates, ratings, response time measurement and more.


Custom AI and NLU with an ensemble algorithms.
Confidence scores, thresholds and intent detection in all European languages.

Semantics based models built to work with very limited and small datasets.

Outperforms traditional token based models.

Works in parallel with other methods to boost text understanding accuracy.

Meet Our Team

Indrek Vainu

Indrek Vainu

Sales, partnerships, product management. Ex-CEO at 70-person data science company. Speaker at tech and business conferences. Harvard educated. Kitesurfing enthusiast.
Hendrik Luuk, PhD

Hendrik Luuk, PhD

Artificial Intelligence expert with deep knowledge in NLP, machine learning and deep learning. PhD in neuroscience. Published author. Member of award winning synth-pop band.
Vladimir Rjabkov

Vladimir Rjabkov

Full Stack Engineer
Developing front end modules of the AlphaBlues product and connecting with our API layer. Fluent in React, AngularJS and several web development frameworks.
Sten Koobas

Sten Koobas

User Analytics and AI Trainer
Analysis of user behaviour and training the virtual assistants for increased accuracy and autonomous work. Competitive football player in the National League.
Joann Klaas

Joann Klaas

Project Manager
Experience in project delivery and customer communication. Snowboarding fan and sound designer.
Andres Tiko, PhD

Andres Tiko, PhD

Backend Developer
Previously worked at CERN as particle physicist in the Higgs boson project. Experience in data analysis (Pandas, Scikit-learn) and backend development.
Karl-Kristjan Kokk

Karl-Kristjan Kokk

MSc in Computer Science. Skilled Python and Java developer. Travelling and sports enthusiast.

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