Conversational AI For The Enterprise.

AI-based Virtual Assistants and Live Chat.
Unparalleled flexibility in end-to-end chat automation.

End-to-end chat automation

Unlimited flexibility in chat automation.
Use virtual assistants and intelligent routing to optimize your chat processes.

We Differ By Offering Unrivalled Depth In Building Virtual Assistants

These companies use our product

1,000,000 customers

Leading telecom in Lithuania

Our work: virtual customer assistant on the website.


1,000,000 customers

UK Digital-Only Bank

Our work: virtual customer assistant in iOS and Android.

200,000+ customers

Nasdaq Tallinn: LHV1T

Our work: 
Virtual customer assistant on the website and agents’ live chat product.

9,000,000 passengers / year

Nasdaq OMX Nordic: TAL1T
Marine transport

Our work: V
irtual customer assistant on the website.

500,000+ customers

Leading telecom in Estonia

Our work: V
irtual customer assistant on the website and agents’ live chat product.

500,000+ customers

Leading telecom in Latvia

Our work: Virtual customer service & sales assistant. Agents’ live chat product.

Employing 300+ people

Estonian Statistics Agency

Our work: Virtual customer assistant on the website and agents’ live chat product.

100,000+ customers

Dynamic German energy company

Our work: V
irtual customer service assistant in Facebook.

Case Studies

“AlphaBlues has made our customer service even more efficient with their artificial intelligence based solution“

– Lauri Haav, Head of Customer Loyalty, Monese Digital-Only Bank

“With the AlphaBlues product our customer service in Facebook Messenger gives a better customer experience.”

– Liisa Ruusamägi, Client Communication Product Manager, LHV Bank

“AlphaBlues increased conversions with their intelligent virtual customer assistant in our online store.”

– Inese Zarina, Head of Chat Automation, Lattelecom

How We Work With Customers


Plan Your Virtual Assistant

Before starting to build the Virtual Assistant you should decide what is the business case. Is it for customer service? Is it for sales? Form filling? Or it can also be all of the above.


Existing Chat Data Analysis

If you have existing chat or email data (as .txt, .csv) we can use that to train the Natural Language Processing algorithms specifically for your Virtual Assistant. This speeds up the learning process.


We build the Virtual Assistant

We build the Virtual Assistant on our AlphaAI™ Platform – answering logic, language understanding, integration to your systems through our API. From you we only need intents and text answers for each intent.



We deploy the Virtual Assistant where ever you want it to be – your website, mobile app, Facebook page or Slack. Your IT can relax, deployment is usually just a line of JavaScript.


Virtual Assistant answers customer queries

The Virtual Assistant is the first to respond to your customer queries 24/7. It understands natural language in any European language and solves customer problems without human help.


Modify the Virtual Assistant yourself

You can use our AlphaAI™ Platform to easily tweak the Virtual Assistant. You can change existing intents and answers, structure and train the Natural Language Understanding yourself.


Handover to human agents in AlphaChat™

If the Virtual Assistant gets stuck, the conversation is automatically forwarded to AlphaChat™, our live chat system. The Virtual Assistant intelligently routes customer queries to the correct human agent to handle the case. 


Virtual Assistant learns automatically

As human agents answer customer queries, the Virtual Assistant observes the answers and automatically learns from them. This decreases the need for additional separate manual training.


End-to-end conversation statistics

See detailed statistics about the whole automation pipeline – from Virtual Assistant performance and conversation close rates to human agent responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

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Custom NLP already deployed in 8+ languages across Europe.

0 +

Powering more than 250,000 customer queries each month.

0 million

Serving more than 4 million users for our customers.

AlphaAI™ + AlphaChat™

AlphaAI™ Virtual Assistants

Custom AI and Natural Language Processing.

In-house developed AI. Tailor-made flexible algorithms. Inventory of industry specific intents.

Pre-trained domain specific models. Conversation Builder.

Create intents and multi-dialogue. Easy to use interface with no programming skills required. Compact design. API available.

Authentication built into Virtual Assistants. Sales automation.

Personal info for users with authentication. Personalized sales offers to users. Integration with ecommerce product feeds.

Detailed Analytics. GDPR compliant.

Learn what customers say, detect patterns, measure & improve performance. Comply with regulation.

AlphaChat™ Live Chat

Human & AI blending.

Topic prioritization in handover from bots to agents. Prioritize by URL or agent skills. Custom queues and ranking.

Automated Chatbot Training.

AI learns automatically by observing human agents answer customer queries. Decrease the need for manual AI training.

Agent Assist Co-Pilot Mode.

AI gives real time suggested answers to your agents in live chat. Agents can answer quicker and use best performing answers.

All Standard Chat Features.

Agent accounts, ticketing system, team grouping, abandonment rates, ratings, response time measurement and more.


Custom AI and NLU with an ensemble algorithms.
Confidence scores, thresholds and intent detection in all European languages.

Semantics based models built to work with very limited and small datasets.

Outperforms traditional token based models.

Works in parallel with other methods to boost text understanding accuracy.

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Our Partners

AlphaBlues is AWS Select Technology Partner.

Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud service provider globally. AlphaBlues is certified AWS Technical Partner which gives us deep competence and wide insight in building and running custom solutions on the AWS infrastructure. Our team is verified by AWS technical standards and we can assist you with your digital transformation and virtual assistant needs in the cloud. Read more here.

AlphaBlues is part of the PwC Startup Collider program.

The aim is to work with the PwC team in Poland and CEE on joint customer projects. The program chose 12 technological startups from the European region and AlphaBlues was one of them. The companies were selected out of 300 applicants to partner with PwC in Poland to expand their product offering in Central Europe. Read more here.

AlphaBlues is part of the NVIDIA AI startup program.

The program nurtures dedicated and exceptional startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in Artificial Intelligence and data science. This virtual accelerator program helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment. We were also one of the few startups in the program that took part of the Deep Learning Summit in San Francisco in 2018. Read more here.

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