Custom NLP already deployed in 8+ languages across Europe.


Powering more than 100,000 customer conversations each month.

3 million

Serving more than 3 million users for our customers.


Our custom API allows connecting to dozens of CRMs and databases.

Case Studies

“AlphaBlues has made our customer service even more efficient with their artificial intelligence based solution“

– Lauri Haav, Head of Customer Loyalty, Monese Digital-Only Bank

Business Issue
Monese is a revolutionary neo-bank founded with the ambitious goal of building a global instant-open bank account for the on-demand age. Monese was born from its founder’s painful experience when he was denied a bank account when he moved to the UK. With the Monese app, customers from all over Europe can open a bank account in as little as 120 seconds, free from the hidden fees and restrictions that legacy banks impose. Monese was the first 100% mobile bank account to ever launch in the UK. The company’s customer base is fast approaching six digits and customers are moving over 0.5€ billion annually. To handle the increasing amount of customer service requests from a growing customer base, Monese was looking to automate its core customer service chat.



To manage customer support more efficiently, AlphaBlues deployed its Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA) technology into Monese in-app customer support chat. The artificial intelligence based VCA was made the front-line customer service representative for the thousands of customer support requests each month. It was trained to automatically handle natural language and specific questions that customers have about Monese and its services.



  1. The Virtual Customer Assistant has had thousands of conversations with customers.
  2. The VCA has autonomously solved (i.e. without any human help) more than 15% of the customer service requests it has encountered.
  3. It works 24/7 and is available during off-hours with an instantaneous response time. The solution provides instant alerts to customer requests in case of urgent updates and service announcements.

“With the AlphaBlues product our customer service in Facebook Messenger gives a better customer experience.”

– Liisa Ruusamägi, Client Communication Product Manager, LHV Bank

Business Issue

LHV Group is the largest domestic financial group and capital provider in Estonia that is currently holding 2 billion euros of Estonian assets. LHV Group’s key subsidiaries are AS LHV Pank and AS LHV Varahaldus. LHV has representative offices in Tallinn and Tartu. The company employs over 300 people and has more than 5000 investors. LHV Bank services are used by more than 120,000 customers. Pension funds managed by LHV have over 175,000 customers and are the second largest in Estonia by volume. The company is one of the most innovative banks in the region and was looking for a new and efficient way to engage with their customers 24/7.



To bring their customer service into the messaging era, LHV turned to AlphaBlues and its Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA) technology. AlphaBlues worked with the bank to integrate their customer service knowledge base with hundreds of topics and intents into the VCA which was launched through the bank’s Facebook page onto Facebook Messenger. Artificial intelligence based training was used to increase the relevancy and accuracy of the VCA in order to allow for more self-service by the bank’s customers. The VCA was given a friendly persona and it was taught to understand free text and natural language so as to be able to help people with the wide variety of questions they might have.



  1. During the first weeks of the launch the Virtual Customer Assistant already handled more than a thousand customer conversations.
  2. More than 50% of the users have rated their experience with the VCA as useful and helpful in providing the answers they were looking for.
  3. The solution is available 24/7 and also during regular customer service off-hours providing automatic support to customers.

“AlphaBlues increased conversions with their intelligent virtual customer assistant in our online store.”

– Artis Cicens, Director of Business Development, Lattelecom

Business Issue

Lattelecom is a dynamic and innovative company on a mission to bridge the gap between technology and the individual. They are one of the biggest companies in Latvia employing more than 1500 people. Among other business lines the company operates one of the largest electronics e-commerce stores in Latvia that sells smartphones, TVs, computers and other electronic devices. The company was looking for a solution how to increase the engagement and conversion rates of their customers during the Christmas holiday shopping period.



To provide their e-shop users with a new experience, Lattelecom turned to AlphaBlues and its Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA) technology. AlphaBlues worked with Lattelecom to create a chat-based virtual customer assistant to help users in purchasing products. The assistant, named Anete, was put on the main page of the e-shop as a chat icon. Users could click on the chat icon and immediately see the numerous ways how Anete could help them. They could browse for products for the family as Anete suggested top gift recommendations for husbands, wives, kids and friends. They could also pick the best selling gifts based on product categories (e.g. phones, TVs, computers) or browse products with the lowest price. In addition Anete helped answers questions regarding tracking the ordered package and ways how to lease products.



  1. During the Christmas shopping period in the second half of December, more than 4,500 users engaged with the virtual customer assistant.
  2. Users who engaged with the virtual assistant were on average 260% more likely to buy products on the website than those who did not engage with the virtual assistant.
  3. Users who clicked on products recommended by the virtual assistant were on average 380% more likely to buy products than those who did not engage with the virtual assistant.



UK Digital-Only Bank




400,000 customers


Our work: virtual customer assistant in iOS and Android


Nasdaq Tallinn: LHV1T




120,000+ customers


Our work: virtual customer assistant in Facebook

🇪🇪 🇬🇧

Pioneering online lending




134,000+ customers


Our work: virtual sales agent on the website

🇱🇻 🇷🇺

Nasdaq OMX Nordic: TAL1T


Marine transport


9,000,000 passengers / year


Our work: virtual customer assistant on the website


Leading telecom in Estonia




900,000 customers


Our work: virtual customer assistant on the website


Leading telecom in Latvia




500,000+ customers


Our work: e-commerce digital sales assistant


Part of pan-Baltic energy group


Employing 5,800 people




Our work: website virtual sales agent



International fashion group


Employing 1,100 people




Our work: Facebook sales agent



Norwegian energy cloud


Offices in 4 countries, 120+ employees


Utilities & energy


Our work: Facebook Messenger virtual agents


German UX design company


50meur revenue, 400 employees


Utilities & retail


Our work: Facebook Messenger virtual agents


Product Features

Custom AI and Natural Language Processing.

In-house developed AI. No use of third-party systems. Tailor-made flexible algorithms. Semiautomatic initial question-intent matching.

Transactional experiences. Authenticate users.

Provide personal information for users with authentication. Allow users to initiate transactions and specific actions autonomously from chat.

Bot-to-Human Handoff. Automated learning.

Automated support capable of handing conversation to humans when needed. Seamless training for the virtual assistants.

Detailed Analytics. GDPR compliant.

Learn what users say and improve your system. Measure virtual assistant's performance. Comply with General Data Protection Regulation.

AlphaBlues makes customer engagement much more efficient with their Artificial Intelligence. A really smart solution.

Christoph Dassler

CEO, defacto nextperience GmbH, Germany.

Integrating our car sales service into messaging with AlphaBlues has brought us closer to our customers.

Eero Laitila

Digital Product Manager, Autotie.fi, Finland

Bringing customer engagement into Facebook Messenger is the next step in customer interaction.

Külli Koort

Head of E-Commerce, Baltika Fashion Group, Estonia.


AlphaBlues is part of the PwC Startup Collider program. The aim is to work with the PwC team in Poland and CEE on joint customer projects. The program chose 12 technological startups from the European region and AlphaBlues was one of them. The companies were selected out of 300 applicants to partner with PwC in Poland to expand their product offering in Central Europe.


Lightweight, scalable & highly customizable
chat automation platform with a powerful API.

Custom AI and Intent Training

In-house developed AI. No use of third-party systems. Tailor-made flexible algorithms. Semiautomatic initial question-intent matching.

Workflow Builder & Human Handoff

Build simple or complex chatbot workflows with our backend tool. Automated support capable of handing conversation to humans when needed.

Analytics. GDPR compliant

Learn what your customers are saying. Measure Virtual Agent's performance. Comply with General Data Protection Regulation.

Semantic transfer with neural networks.

Built to work with very limited and small datasets.

Outperforms traditional token based models.

Works in parallel with other methods to boost text understanding accuracy.

Indrek Vainu

CEO. Sales, partnerships, product management. Ex-CEO at 70-person data science company. Speaker at tech and business conferences. Harvard educated. LinkedIn profile. Kitesurfing enthusiast. indrek.vainu (at) alphablues.com

Hendrik Luuk

CTO. Artificial Intelligence expert with deep knowledge in NLP, machine learning and deep learning. PhD in neuroscience. Published author. Member of award winning synth-pop band. hendrik.luuk (at) alphablues.com

Hannes Kinks

Machine Learning Engineer. MSc in Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. Experience in back end and front end development. Likes tinkering with self-made hardware projects. hannes.kinks (at) alphablues.com

Tarmo Pajusaar

Engineer. Developing the AlphaBlues product, integrating voice based interfaces. Degree in acoustics and computer science. Professional clarinet player. tarmo (at) alphablues.com

Ahti Nurme

Full Stack Engineer. Developing front end modules of the AlphaBlues product and connecting with our API layer. Fluent in React, AngularJS and several web development frameworks.

Sten Koobas

User Analytics and AI Trainer. Analysis of user behaviour and training the virtual assistants for increased accuracy and autonomous work. Competitive football player in the National League.

Dainis Rudzitis

AI Trainer. Several years of experience in leading customer support teams. Fluent in Spanish, Italian, English, Latvian and Russian. Former radio show host & opera aficionado.

Gabriel Zanko

Sales Manager, Latin America. Experienced fintech entrepreneur with a background in media and software business. Sales and partnership development. gabriel.zanko (at) alphablues.com


AI Trainer. Several years of experience from the customer service sector working with enterprise accounts. Fluent in Polish, German & English. Fashion designer and world traveller.

Mari Joller

Advisor. Product and business builder with over a decade of experience in digital and mobile services. Background from Nokia and Virgin Mobile. Harvard Business School graduate.


Who we are & what we do


AlphaBlues (www.alphablues.com) makes customer service better.


We’re the leading Artificial Intelligence company in the region with deep skills in Natural Language Processing and automation. Our product enables automating customer service chat. It is already used by major banks and telecom companies in the Baltics and Europe. We are expanding and are seeking for talented individuals like you to join.


Why you should care


It’s up to you. If you have interest in AI and front end development, this is your chance. We’ve got practical experience in deploying machine and deep learning systems to enterprise customers and know the ins and outs of our world. You get to learn from the best in a minimally bureaucratic environment with emphasis on delivering results.


What we expect from you


  • Experience developing in a modern front end framework like React is preferred but experience with other JS frameworks is also relevant.
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Experience with Python and MongoDB is a plus.
  • That you are an independent thinker that can look at the big picture and find best ways of achieving goals.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.


What you get in return


Satisfaction. No, for real. You get to work apply your skills in a no-nonsense environment and have major impact on the product and the value that the company provides. In addition Tallinn city center office with great views and flexible work environment.


What next


Send CV and your github link to indrek (dot) vainu (at) alphablues (dot) com

+372 53 430 781
Viru Väljak 6-20, Tallinn, 10153, Estonia