May 2016

It’s A Bot World

A few weeks ago Facebook announced that developers can start building bots for their Messenger platform. Today we’re happy to announce that we have released our shopping bot for Messenger by harnessing our artificial intelligence engine in e-commerce. It is a nice preview of things to come. As we’ve been focused deeply on Messenger and the bot world, I thought I’d share a few thoughts around the topic. Why is this significant? Bots are a new type of interface for interacting with businesses, especially on messaging platforms. This is important as the top messaging apps have more monthly users than

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What Media Companies Are Looking For

We at CartSkill recently attended the media and start-up matching event MediaHoneypot in Helsinki put together by the good people at ArcticStartup. As we’ve been deeply engaged in the world of media, advertising, marketing and publishing over the past months, it was a good chance to get some fresh perspective from a number of large media companies both in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. A couple of messages that we picked up: Ad blocking is (still) a problem. Ads pay for the content but blocking them means that producing that content will get more expensive. So media companies are developing different

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