June 2016

Deep learning networks benchmarked.

As we have made a good number of improvements in our visual recommendation technology we decided to benchmark it against other popular deep learning networks. The aim was to compare our recommendation against AlexNet (Caffe implementation) and ResNet (Torch implementation) and to outline errors in product similarity identification. The setup for the comparison was such that with each network we fed in 3 different product categories and identified visually similar products based on a single thumbnail image. The errors are outlined in the images below in red circles. For the product categories we used 3260 different bags, 7028 different shoes

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What’s in a message – recap from Latitude59 and customer reactions

Last week we were selected as one of the top 10 early stage start-ups in Latitude59, one of the largest start-up conferences in the Nordics. Aside from pitching in front of a packed demo room, we were fortunate to interact with dozens of people in our demo booth. This provided an especially cool insight into how people react to bots and what are the main questions they have. Below is a list of things that came up when discussing building ecommerce stores and customer service solutions into Facebook Messenger: “Wow, I did not know that was possible” – this was

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