January 2017

Newspaper reports: AlphaBlues makes the first popular customer service chatbots in Estonia

“The TrainBot and the BusBot are the first Estonian chatbots that have started to play a role in the everyday customer service” writes the leading Estonian newspaper in their article about chabots that we at CartSkill launched a few months ago. “It is possible to communicate with those bots. Each request is responded quickly and a quick praise “Thank you” is followed by the reaction “You’re welcome” … aside from this the bots can offer relevant information and are able to show you train and bus departure times, schedules and prices”. It has been great to see a quick uptake and

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Chatbots in 2017

Let’s take a quick look what we can expect from chatbots in 2017. 2016 was the year that chatbots made their first mark. With Facebook opening their Messenger platform for developers in April 2016, the bot-rush started. Other large players jumped on the bot wagon as well. Namely Google with its purchase of api.ai and release of Assistant and Home, Apple’s iMessage apps and Amazon with its Alexa skills store for Echo devices. Here is what we can expect from chatbots in 2017: Chatbots will seek to provide more value for users. In 2016 we saw a myriad of bots that were not

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