March 2017

Blockchain conference wrap-up from AI and chatbot perspective

We took part of the international Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference this week. With BTC trading at all time highs there was of course of lot of excitement in the room 🙂 As an exhibitor we  got a very good sense of the crowd and good insight. Being in the artificial intelligence and chatbot community, it was great to see a similar level enthusiasm in the blockchain community as well. The messages that we learned were that while the blockchain technology is exciting and promising it is still new and needs to be proved and stress-tested more to make a move towards

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Our slides from Machine Learning meetup

Last week we presented at the largest gathering of Machine Learning professionals in Estonia, the ML Estonia meetup. The event gathered more the 200 people and Hendrik and I talked about what we are doing and what we are doing on the tech front with AI/ML as applied to text, images and also videos. The slides are available here.  

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