August 2017

NVIDIA covers our semantic enrichment project in their official blog

Over the past months during this summer we were hard at work on advancing our AI capabilities. We worked with NVIDIA’s latest technology to develop semantic enrichment for chatbots and our work got recently covered in their official blog Typically, a computer processes free text as a sequence of symbols with no apparent relationships apart from the order in which they appear in a sentence. A human, however, understands the semantics. For example, a person knows that in the sentence “my older brother rides the bike,” the brother is a human being, the bike is an inanimate object, the bike

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New customer – IPF Digital

Summer has been a busy time for us at AlphaBlues and we’re excited to announce to start working with IPF Digital. IPF Digital provides fast, flexible and convenient credit solutions to more than 134,000 retail customers in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Australia. In its markets the Company is a leading provider of loans and credit lines to customers with strong credit histories. The company provides a high quality service backed by a sophisticated technology platform, which makes the application process easy and hassle-free. According to Edgars Kalniņš, the Head of Customer Experience at IPF Digital, “We are glad to start

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