September 2017

Upcoming conferences where we’ll be speaking

We’re set for a busy next few weeks here at AlphaBlues. Will be speaking at the following events, so if you’re attending stop by and say hello. Would be good to connect. #1. Botscamp. September 28. Streaming live, no need to travel 😀 botscamp focuses an overview and knowledge exchange about bots – emphasizing the business side . Without the hassle of travelling to the Swiss mountains or somewhere else. A true online conference reflecting the nature of bots in the digital universe. Join this unique engagement at a much higher frequency than traditional events. For free. Indrek was voted as one of

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AlphaBlues selected startup of the week

The leading IT news site in Estonia selected AlphaBlues as their startup of the week. The site had an interview with our team where we discussed a number of things ranging from our company to our product. Some of the more invigorating questions the journalists focused on were around how AlphaBlues is among those one of ten startups that will not go bankrupt. According to Indrek “we already have paying customers and interest in the product is growing. We have put a lot of emphasis on product development and enhancing our artificial intelligence capabilities. More exactly on how the

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