March 2018

New customer – Enefit

Glad to announce that Enefit has launched their virtual sales assistant on the Finnish market. Enefit is Eesti Energia’s subsidiary in Finland. Eesti Energia is an energy group which consists of more than 20 companies and employs approximately 5 800 people. It is the largest producer of energy in the Baltics, incl. one of the biggest renewable energy producers. Enefit is currently in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Sweden. Enefit recently entered the Finnish market and built a virtual sales assistant, called Sähköbotti (Energy Bot in Finnish). The bot was built on the AlphaBlues platform and integrated on the

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#AI and #fintech Demo Days with Polish corporations

At the beginning of the year we joined the PwC Startup Collider program in Warsaw Poland as our first steps into that market. From our company point of view the past few weeks have been exceptionally exciting as we have been able to attend several corporate-startup matchmaking events in Poland and met with a large variety of companies to understand their needs when it comes to AI and automation. In mid-March we attended The Heart Demo Day at the awesome Warsaw Spire building. The Heart is a leading corporate-startup matchmaking incubator in Eastern Europe and this demo day was focused on

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5 Things Successful Companies Do When Setting Up Their Virtual Assistant

You’ve become interested in having a virtual assistant for your company but are unsure how to start. What should be done? How? What is important? What is less important? These are all questions we get when we meet with companies. They wish to know what is the best practice in setting up a bot and what to keep in mind. Having deployed dozens of bots we have a learned a thing or two and we’ve highlighted some of the key lessons to keep in mind below. Each of them deserves more attention than we can give in this short post

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New product release: speech-to-text and text-to-speech integration

Excited to announce our latest product release as we integrated speech-to-text and text-to-speech functionality into our product. Now it is possible to add voice recognition into our virtual assistants so that your users can speak directly with assistant and get answers without the need to type. This opens up a wide range of possibilities such as: Integrating voice input based virtual assistants on your website directly from the chat window with the push of a button. Utilizing speech based input from your mobile app in customer service. You customers don’t need to type questions and can simply speak to the

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All You Need To Know About The Technical Side of Natural Language Processing in Chat Automation

We often get asked how does NLP work in chat automation. What languages is it good at? Does it really understand my language? What algorithms do you use in your pipeline? To accommodate those requests, we added this video where our CTO Hendrik talks about these topics at the Nordic Data Science and Machine Learning Summit in Stockholm. It is a technical presentation and gives a good overview of how machines understand language and how we approach the topic.

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3 Reasons Why You Need A Bot And 1 Reason Why You Don’t

  One of the questions that we encounter when talking to people at trade shows and tech conferences is “Why do I need a bot?”. It is a valid question. Why indeed. Bots have been around for almost 2 years now if we count Facebook’s opening of the Messenger API as the day when it started in large scale. Since then there has been plenty of experimentation and developments. By and large we see 3 reasons why customers need a bot. I’ve also added 1 reason why they don’t need a bot in the end to keep a nice balance

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