April 2018

Tallink launches its virtual assistant Nemo

Tallink (Nasdaq OMX Nordic: TAL: TAL1T) has launched their virtual customer assistant, called Nemo, on their website www.tallink.ee Nemo assists Tallink customers with questions related to booking trips on Tallink passenger ships and general inquiries about the services. Nemo was built by AlphaBlues and is utilizing the Natural Language Processing of the AlphaBlues platform. The aim of Nemo is to help customers get immediate information to their questions, allowing customer support agents to focus on more complex issues. According to Martin Mürk, head of Customer Experience and Analytics “virtual customers assistants serve an increasing amount of customers as the first-point of

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New feature release – user authentication in virtual assistants

One of the recent product features we’re proud of at AlphaBlues is the ability to authenticate users and provide detailed answers for the users. It is a new and exciting feature that allows our customers to offer a personalized level of support to their users through virtual assistants much like human customer support agents can. In the previous post we highlighted how the lifecycle of virtual assistants is evolving throughout time. Those companies that have high chat conversations volume on a monthly basis and innovation capacity are seeking more and more for virtual assistants to actually conduct activities out on

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Chat automation projects’ lifecycle

  Over time I’ve noticed a trajectory for companies in adopting virtual assistants. Companies start from any of the starting points and then slowly move up the trajectory as their chat automation project progresses. Needless to say, all the successful chat projects differ in speed but on average, the course is the same.   Understanding this trajectory helps you assess your own organization, where you currently stand and how to think about chat automation in the larger context of automation. Take this as an automation roadmap that you can use internally in strategy meetings or when planning out your activities

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How To Align Your In-house Team For Executing A Successful Chatbot Project

Like with any project, good planning is the key to success also with your bot project. Having seen many chatbot and virtual customer assistant projects over the past years, there are couple of lessons learned and best practices to keep in mind. The key feature here is how to align your team inside the company so that the project gets delivered in time. The task becomes especially tricky when your company has thousands of employees and you are coordinating tasks across several departments and teams. Here are the things to help you out. 1️⃣ Pick a leader. Choose the person

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