December 2019

How To Build A Chatbot?

As discussed in the previous post, many aspects of conversational AI implementation are dependent on the details. The same applies to the tempo of the setup process. For smooth development, it is in both customer and developer interests that the customers know what they want. Concrete communication between businesses help to prevent additional tasks in later stages. Although, demo of the conversational AI can be built in minutes on the company’s website, we tend to utilize 1-2 months of development time plus one extra month of silent live for testing purposes. We have found out that with this amount of

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How Much Does A Chatbot Cost?

The short answer is – it depends. I know some readers might be looking for an exact number but this would be misleading. From our experience we see that the needs of companies vary greatly as do their technical capabilities. As such, to give a simple answer in pricing is akin to answering with a specific price to the question – „how much does a good car cost“. Everyone’s expectation to what a good car is, is different. Same with chatbots. However, there are specific things that can drive up the cost of your virtual assistant development. Let’s dig in.

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AlphaBlues Wins 2nd Place in Fintech of the Year Awards

AlphaBlues won 2nd place in the Fintech of the Year Award organized by the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (AHK) 👏 The competition was strong as each company that reached the finals had to pitch their solution on the stage to a group of international judges and the general public. After voting by the judges and the public at the gala dinner AlphaBlues came ahead of EstateGuru, Bondora and Admiral Markets Group. Congratulations to Veriff for the first place! The prestigious awards are given out annually by the AHK that this year celebrated its 25th anniversary.

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