September 2020

4 Reasons Why Chatbot Projects Fail

Not every chatbot and Conversational AI project is a success story. While every company is different and unique in their own way, there are some common pitfalls that should be avoided. ❌ Too High Expectations Our experience has shown that when customers start out with projects, their expectations tend to differ from ours. As a vendor we try to set realistic expectations right away and try to sync with our customers. Going into the project with wrong mindset and expectations will create misunderstandings later on. One common assumption is that chatbots are easy to make. There is some truth to

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Watch Replay: Virtual Assistants on WhatsApp

You can now replay our webinar about virtual assistants on WhatsApp. Discussion topics: WhatsApp basics – the difference between browser-based WhatsApp virtual assistants The benefits of using WhatsApp as a channel Detailed functionalities in WhatsApp virtual assistant (natural language input, location sharing, multiple choice, voice) Which kind of companies and business areas can benefit from WhatsApp bots

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Statistics Estonia Starts Using Multi-Bot Handover

We are excited to announce that Statistics Estonia has begun using our multi-bot system, which enables users to have a frictionless conversation with a virtual assistant that suits the person the most. Although official language of Estonia is Estonian, there are several prominent other languages present. To offer services for any resident regardless of their native language, we have developed a multi-bot system (Multi-Bot Handover) for Statistics Estonia’s digital public services. With this kind of a solution virtual assistants understand the language of the user message and automatically hand over the conversation to an appropriate bot. And should the virtual

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