Indrek Vainu

How To Build The Content Of Your Virtual Assistant

Effective training is often said to be one of the keys to getting a Conversational AI solution working in a truly helpful way. But before we can even move to AI training, we have to get the core structure and topics mapped out in a manner that is both logical and easily manageable even years later when the number of topics might have increased tenfold. The process of bot building and content creation starts from a thought process: What kind of use cases are we trying solve with the use of automation? Who are the persons at the other side

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A Chatbot That Represents Estonia In All The World’s Languages

We have developed a multilingual Conversational AI solution for the upcoming Expo 2020 in Dubai. The main goal of the virtual assistant is to represent Estonia in all the world’s languages. This is now possible due to our updated platform that automatically understands any language from the moment the initial training in one language is done. From the article: “The bot’s core idea is to help promote Estonia globally. It has been taught to understand a certain general assortment of information about Estonia – from location to population to nature and taxes, etc. – and it will talk to you

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Watch Replay: How To Train Your AI

You can now replay our webinar on the topic of AI training. Points of discussion: What is AI training? What Data To Use For Training + What Not To Use How Much Training Is Needed?  

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The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs

You can now replay The Inventive Journey Podcast with Indrek Vainu as a guest representing AlphaBlues. From the recording: Be very open-minded. Go in with a vision and have a direction. You have to know what you want. But the way to get there, there is a million plus one ways. So the more open-minded you are the better you adapt because the journey to were we are now has been through four or five of pivots and like very hard pivots from one industry to another. Through image analysis to text analysis, so just keep that in mind. As

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AlphaBlues featured in StartUs Insights

AlphaBlues is featured in StartUs Insights’s latest research article on emerging technologies and up-and-coming AI startups. From the post: We analyzed 109 virtual assistant solutions., ServisBOT,, Claimbot & AlphaBlues develop 5 top solutions to watch out for. Learn more in our Global Startup Heat Map! Read the full story here.

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How To Measure Your Virtual Assistant

Quantitative evaluation is a vital part of an AI project, but there is little to no standardization within the topic today. In this post, we will look into the ways how Conversational AI can be measured, how the procedure varies between different roles & users and what to do with all of this information. Why measure the performance of a virtual assistant (VA)? Developing a solution based on Conversational AI can introduce a lot of uncertainty to the process when starting out. The early days of a VA can even be characterized as controlled chaos. One of the easiest ways

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