New customer – IPF Digital

Summer has been a busy time for us at AlphaBlues and we’re excited to announce to start working with IPF Digital. IPF Digital provides fast, flexible and convenient credit solutions to more than 134,000 retail customers in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Australia. In its markets the Company is a leading provider of loans and credit lines to customers with strong credit histories. The company provides a high quality service backed by a sophisticated technology platform, which makes the application process easy and hassle-free.

According to Edgars Kalniņš, the Head of Customer Experience at IPF Digital, “We are glad to start working with AlphaBlues and their artificial intelligence based customer service solution that can help us broaden our capabilities in enhanced customer experience”.

IPF Digital is part of the International Personal Finance Plc (IPF: LSE), a stock listed leading international home credit and digital provider of consumer finance with more than 2.5 million customers worldwide.

Estonian EU Presidency & Microsoft AI event

We were delighted to take part in the Microsoft event about AI in conjunction with the Estonian EU presidency and the first informal Competitiveness and Telecommunications Council meeting of EU ministers under the Estonian Presidency of the European Council. Microsoft and the Estonian government gathered over 150 officials from all European Union Member States, the European Commission and the European Council in Tallinn for an evening reception focused on artificial intelligence and digital transformation stories. AlphaBlues was invited as one of the 4 companies to take part in the event, pitch their solution to the delegates and demo our NLP and AI technology.

New customer – Lattelecom

Glad to announce that we have started working with Lattelecom on a Virtual Customer Assistant. Lattelecom is a dynamic and innovative communications company which helps to bridge the gap between technology and the individual. They provide telecommunication and IT solutions and are one of the biggest companies in Latvia employing more than 2,000 people.

Case Study – LHV

A few weeks ago we launched LHV’s customer service into Facebook Messenger. LHV Group is the largest domestic financial group and capital provider in Estonia that is currently holding 2 billion euros of Estonian assets. They are one of the most innovative banks in Northern Europe and they were looking for a new and efficient way to engage with their customers 24/7. It has been a great journey working with the bank’s team and during the past weeks we have been monitoring the performance of the Virtual Customer Assistant who is called Uku. It has been good to note that more than 50% of users rated the experience with VCA helpful. You can read more details about the case here.

Our guest post on VentureBeat

We ran a story in VentureBeat on the reality of automating customer service chat today with artificial intelligence. It reflects our key learnings throughout working with various customers and attending a multitude of events. There are several takeaways but our key points are:

  1. Good Virtual Customer Assistants need customers’ chat log history.
  2. There is no one-size-fits-all algorithm for understanding user intent.
  3. Moving beyond current machine learning approaches.
  4. Humans are still needed in customer service.

For more details, check out the article here.

Chatbot Summit in Berlin recap

This week we attended the Chatbot Summit in Berlin, one the biggest events related to chatbots in Europe this year. With 1,500 attendees and dozens of exhibitors the event was packed with great content and great discussions. Our eye was out on the customer support chat automation in enterprise and here is what we learned:

  1. Customers need guidance in the virtual customer assistant (VCA) landscape. In the enterprise panel session the customers pointed out that they have trouble differentiating vendors and as the landscape is moving quickly, they need time to assess the vendors’ strengths. This makes sense because big software vendors are not in the space yet of creating tailor made virtual customer assistants and as such enterprise is looking for providers and assessing them. A solution that we try to employ is to educate the customers before the project and give them an update of what can be done with VCAs today and how.
  2. Tailor made VCAs are of interest to many. Our expo stand was conveniently placed in front of the lunch area 🙂 which made it a good stop for many people on their way in and out. From the discussion we had a theme emerged that companies are looking for VCAs for specific purposes to complement their call and chat centers. To that end understanding the customer problem and providing a tailor made solution efficiently is a good approach.
  3.  Growth. The event has grown and it pulled in a large crowd from dozens of different countries.  The session tracks were packed with different topics from design, interfaces, algorithms, best practices and giving your bot a character. I am sure the growth will continue and next year we’ll be at an even larger venue 🙂


Case Study – Monese

We recently finished our case study in customer service chat automation with For us it was a great experience to see how our artificial intelligence based technology has worked in production over the past several months. Monese is a revolutionary neo-bank founded with the ambitious goal of building a global instant-open bank account for the on-demand age. To manage their customer support more efficiently, we deployed our Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA) technology into their in-app customer support chat. The results have been very positive as the VCA has handled thousands of conversations and has autonomously solved (i.e. without any human help) more than 15% of the customer service requests it has encountered. Read more about the case here.

New customer – LHV Bank

Glad to announce that we launched a Virtual Customer Assistant for LHV Bank – one of the most innovative banks in the Nordic region. LHV Bank, listed on the Nasdaq Baltic stock exchange, launched their retail banking activities a few years ago. They were looking for new ways to offer an even better customer service and consequently were looking into chatbots. We at AlphaBlues utilized our platform to build LHV their own Virtual Customer Assistant specifically tailored to answer their most frequently asked questions. The chatbot, called Uku, is available to answer customer questions in Facebook Messenger 24/7. The chabot is currently functioning in Estonian language and can be tried out here. You can find the official press release here.


Meet us at Chatbot Summit in Berlin

We’re excited to be taking part of the Chatbot Summit in Berlin on June 26. The event is a major one in Europe focusing on chatbots, NLP, AI and conversational interfaces. AlphaBlues will be having its own booth at the event. If you are there, stop by, get to play around with our product and view the latest use cases. Also we have a 20% discount code ABbot20 for tickets that you are free to use. See you in Berlin!

We’re joining the NVIDIA Inception Program

Excited to announce that AlphaBlues is joining the NVIDIA Inception Program. The program nurtures dedicated and exceptional startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in Artificial Intelligence and data science. This virtual accelerator program helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment. NVIDIA is a major player in the advancement of AI and we’re excited to take part of that journey. We’ll be working with some advanced text ontology based intent detection algorithms during the course of the program to enhance our Virtual Customer Assistants. Expect an update on this progress in the near future!