Product Updates

Product Updates: Various Metric Tools, Languages Support And More

1. Measure AI intent prediction accuracy Virtual assistants are in many ways like people. In order to stay relevant, they need to consistently learn new stuff and adjust their knowledge. To track general progress of AI trainers and virtual assistants, we have included simple metric to the Inbox training view. This number shows the percentage of the phrases that AI managed to successfully link to the topics. As you can see below, the trainer has validated 2710 phrases and the AI got it right 65,83% of the time.   2. Functional in any European language + Russian + Arabic English

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Product Updates: WhatsApp Support

AlphaBlues Conversational AI is now available on WhatsApp platform. Our virtual assistant building platform AlphaAI is now connected with WhatsApp enabling us to provide WhatsApp users functionality on par with our virtual assistants that are usually placed on websites. We have been asked about building virtual assistants into WhatsApp and below have highlighted some of the features from our WhatsApp virtual assistant. If you have interest in automating sales or customer service in WhatsApp, do get in touch.   1. Bot activation by message Users can start interacting with the virtual assistant simply by sending a greeting such as “hey”

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Product Updates: Intent Based Helpfulness Scoring, Customer Interaction Metrics, Chat Window Location Customization And More!

This is our monthly update highlighting recent improvements and new features in our product line.   Detailed intent based helpfulness score from customers Regular feedback from the customers is essential for every business. For deeper insight, it is important to analyze feedback for every topic that conversational AI handles. We do it by measuring helpfulness score. Helpfulness score by intent can be considered one of the most influential and essential key performance indicators for conversational AI’s. The binary nature of was it helpful? – yes or no – can provide quite harsh but accurate insights on customer satisfaction and on

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Introducing VideoBot – How To Make Your Bot Interactive In AlphaChat

Today we are launching VideoBot – the next step in interactive chat automation. Ever since we started building AlphaChat as the next generation chat tool that combines AI and live chat, we noticed the need to bring more “life” into chat conversations. What we were looking for was how to create more emotions to the visitors on your website, so that they feel a closer connection to your brand and wish to engage with your products and services. With the launch of VideoBot we are taking a bold step into that direction. So what does VideoBot do? Our VideoBot features allows

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