Watch Replay: How To Train Your AI

You can now replay our webinar on the topic of AI training. Points of discussion: What is AI training? What Data To Use For Training + What Not To Use How Much Training Is Needed?  

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The Inventive Journey Podcast For Entrepreneurs

You can now replay The Inventive Journey Podcast with Indrek Vainu as a guest representing AlphaBlues. From the recording: Be very open-minded. Go in with a vision and have a direction. You have to know what you want. But the way to get there, there is a million plus one ways. So the more open-minded you are the better you adapt because the journey to were we are now has been through four or five of pivots and like very hard pivots from one industry to another. Through image analysis to text analysis, so just keep that in mind. As

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Watch Replay: Internal IT Virtual Assistants

You can now replay our webinar on the topic of internal IT virtual assistants. Discussion topics: What is the difference between chatbots and internal IT virtual assistants? Which kind of company can benefit from the use of internal IT bots? Which platforms can be used to integrate internal IT bots to your workflow?    

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Watch Replay: Virtual Assistants on WhatsApp

You can now replay our webinar about virtual assistants on WhatsApp. Discussion topics: WhatsApp basics – the difference between browser-based WhatsApp virtual assistants The benefits of using WhatsApp as a channel Detailed functionalities in WhatsApp virtual assistant (natural language input, location sharing, multiple choice, voice) Which kind of companies and business areas can benefit from WhatsApp bots

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Watch Replay: 4 Reasons Why Chatbot Projects Fail

You can now replay our webinar on reasons why chatbot projects fail. Discussion topics: Expectations management The relationship between allocated time and the scope of the project The communication between the vendor and the buyer The importance of carefully designed conversation flows

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