Watch Replay: How To Build A Superior Customer Service Chatbot?

You can now replay our webinar on how to build a superior customer service chatbot. Discussion topics: How long does it take to get a virtual assistant up and running? How much data is required when starting out? Which kind of existing data can be used initially? Topic Rating Matrix – how can it help you to evaluate the benefits of automation? Why is it important to launch the first version of a virtual assistant silently?

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Watch Replay: Retain And Win Customers With Conversational AI

You can now replay our recent webinar on how to keep and win customers online with Conversational AI. Discussion topics: What chat automation and chatbots can provide for your customers? When does it make sense to use them and when not? What is the optimal way to set up virtual assistants & start with your AI project? How much training do virtual assistants need? Is Natural Language Understanding necessary for my business case? How to use handover from virtual assistants to human agents? How to use Conversational AI in online sales?

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