Chatbot Summit in Berlin recap

This week we attended the Chatbot Summit in Berlin, one the biggest events related to chatbots in Europe this year. With 1,500 attendees and dozens of exhibitors the event was packed with great content and great discussions. Our eye was out on the customer support chat automation in enterprise and here is what we learned:

  1. Customers need guidance in the virtual customer assistant (VCA) landscape. In the enterprise panel session the customers pointed out that they have trouble differentiating vendors and as the landscape is moving quickly, they need time to assess the vendors’ strengths. This makes sense because big software vendors are not in the space yet of creating tailor made virtual customer assistants and as such enterprise is looking for providers and assessing them. A solution that we try to employ is to educate the customers before the project and give them an update of what can be done with VCAs today and how.
  2. Tailor made VCAs are of interest to many. Our expo stand was conveniently placed in front of the lunch area 🙂 which made it a good stop for many people on their way in and out. From the discussion we had a theme emerged that companies are looking for VCAs for specific purposes to complement their call and chat centers. To that end understanding the customer problem and providing a tailor made solution efficiently is a good approach.
  3.  Growth. The event has grown and it pulled in a large crowd from dozens of different countries.  The session tracks were packed with different topics from design, interfaces, algorithms, best practices and giving your bot a character. I am sure the growth will continue and next year we’ll be at an even larger venue 🙂


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