Estonian Startup Awards 2019

Estonian Startup Awards 2019 took place on January 22nd, 2020, at Fotografiska Tallinn. More than 300 Estonian startup founders came together. A jury of 144 Estonian business founders chose the winners across 9 different categories.

Today, there are about 900 startups in Estonia and the sector increases 30% per year. By now, Estonian startups contribute 2,5% of Estonia’s GDP and the growth does not seem to end here.

AlphaBlues was nominated for a Bootstrap Badger award. This category consisted of companies that have raised no money and managed to build profitable businesses independently. Congratulations to Multilogin, the best Bootstrap Badger!

Nominations and received awards like these allow companies to reflect on their current and future strategies. Being flexible and adaptable is essential for survival, especially in a rapidly evolving Estonian startup scene. Moreover, these kinds of gatherings introduce a sense of belonging as a community, and an assurance that with a good idea and a proper execution, everything is possible.

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