European Commission Language Technology Seminar

European Commission Language Technology Seminar took place on February 10th, in Brussels, Belgium. Over 40 different European language technology companies came together to discuss the trends and the challenges in the field of AI and chat automation. Our founder Indrek also participated and represented AlphaBlues: „AI technologies have never seen a higher interest before. The fact that great number of people are interested in the topic suggests that the future in AI will be fascinating!“

One of the primary objectives of the event was to describe and define the AI market today. There are some technology giants that have the resources and are the leading force behind some tech advancements. However, they all generally have a major drawback – lack of multilinguality. The ability to perform and evolve sufficiently in many different languages is important for EU-based applications. This is especially important for smaller languages that in some cases may face the possibility of going extinct in virtual spaces.

Ideally, all companies and public administrations should consider implementing more efficient and forward-thinking technologies. In reality, the full potential of artificial intelligence may be quite hard to grasp. This is where the EU can step in. The EU can raise awareness on the possibilities of implementing artificial intelligence solutions, which in turn could improve the lives of EU citizens.

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