Our Machine Intelligence - Much More Than Just Plain Vanilla Machine Learning.

We use artificial intelligence (AI) to power our won conversational platform. Using a combination of machine learning, keyword analysis and Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) our solution analyzes your customer’s text input and their intent. This happens by first determining the questions that your customers have through webchat logs or FAQs. As people have a variety of ways of asking things, we have created a method for semi-autonomous data annotation. After that associations between questions and intents are created. Once the questions have been matched with intents, we serve the answers to customers.

Custom AI

No third-party black-box APIs. Tailor-made flexible algorithms that suit your needs best.

Intent Training

Backend module for training the bot with question-intent matching.

Workflow Builder

Build simple or complex chatbot workflows with our backend tool.

Human Handoff

Automated support capable of handing conversation to humans when needed.


Supporting a wide selection of chat and CRM platforms.


Learn what your customers are saying. Measure Virtual Agent's performance.