Indrek Vainu

CEO. Sales, partnerships, product management. Ex-CEO at 70-person data science company. Speaker at tech and business conferences. Harvard educated. LinkedIn profile. Kitesurfing enthusiast. indrek.vainu (at)

Hendrik Luuk

CTO. Artificial Intelligence expert with deep knowledge in NLP, machine learning and deep learning. PhD in neuroscience. Published author. Member of award winning synth-pop band. hendrik.luuk (at)

Hannes Kinks

Machine Learning Engineer. MSc in Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. Experience in back end and front end development. Likes tinkering with self-made hardware projects. hannes.kinks (at)

Tarmo Pajusaar

Engineer. Developing the AlphaBlues product, integrating voice based interfaces. Degree in acoustics and computer science. Professional clarinet player. tarmo (at)

Ahti Nurme

Full Stack Engineer. Developing front end modules of the AlphaBlues product and connecting with our API layer. Fluent in React, AngularJS and several web development frameworks.

Sten Koobas

User Analytics and AI Trainer. Analysis of user behaviour and training the virtual assistants for increased accuracy and autonomous work. Competitive football player in the National League.

Dainis Rudzitis

AI Trainer. Several years of experience in leading customer support teams. Fluent in Spanish, Italian, English, Latvian and Russian. Former radio show host & opera aficionado.

Gabriel Zanko

Sales Manager, Latin America. Experienced fintech entrepreneur with a background in media and software business. Sales and partnership development. gabriel.zanko (at)


AI Trainer. Several years of experience from the customer service sector working with enterprise accounts. Fluent in Polish, German & English. Fashion designer and world traveller.

Mari Joller

Advisor. Product and business builder with over a decade of experience in digital and mobile services. Background from Nokia and Virgin Mobile. Harvard Business School graduate.