Advanced intent discovery &
chat automation.

Scalable intent discovery pipeline.

  • Classify user input as matching an intent category.
  • Filtering, stemming and tokenization.
  • Keyword detection with tunable parameters.
  • Optimized machine learning ensemble.
  • Estimation of accuracy using k-fold cross-validation.

Action and workflow definition language (DSL).

  • Define message content: text, buttons (url), quick replies, images.
  • Connect actions into workflows using regex-based routing patterns.
  • Execute custom handlers.
  • Automatic fallback to intent discovery if input does not match routing patterns.

Dialogue and intent manager.

  • Trigger actions based on intents returned by the intent discovery pipeline.
  • Multiple intent support.
  • Intent confidence estimation.
  • AI feedback loop (continuously improve intent discovery based on user behavior).
  • User-specific state cache.
  • Update actions. Retrain intent pipeline and models.