Idea360 podcast + Latitude59 recap


It has been a busy week at AlphaBlues. Had a fun time with the good people Joao Rei and Kuldar Kullasepp on their new Idea360 podcast. The show focuses on new technologies, marketing advice and lessons on how to grow your business. I had the pleasure to talk about chatbots and the way in which messaging is changing how people interact with business. We covered a wide range of topics from what are chatbots, what benefit do they give to business and what roles does artificial intelligence play in that process. The show was in English and you can LISTEN THE SHOW IN THE WEB HERE or THROUGH ITUNES HERE.



We also took part in a major startup/tech event in the region – Latitude59. We were featured in the Startup Area with our demo stand. It was great to meet a good deal of new people which is a testament to the fact that the interest in chatbots is growing. One of the things that people were interested in was learning about the possibilities and limits of artificial intelligence. The media hype has been especially strong with AI and as such many have inflated expectations 🙂 Therein also lies our message that it is actually possible to use current AI and chatbots to deliver ROI with best practices.

Another general topic we were asked about was using chatbots for sales and lead generation. Overall, this strategy fits well for smaller organizations who seek to maximise their earnings potential and need additional sales people. Our advice was to think whether there is some sales process you wish to automate for your website and then get a chatbot for that.

In customer service automation, larger companies are waking to the idea that having an automated chat can be of use. Certainly, there is more interest than a few months ago. The tide is slowly turning thanks to the quick growth in messaging applications and also by the users who expect to contact companies through messaging. It is a process that will take a bit more time but the direction in which communication is moving is more messaging and less phone/email.

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