Introducing VideoBot – How To Make Your Bot Interactive In AlphaChat

Today we are launching VideoBot – the next step in interactive chat automation.

Ever since we started building AlphaChat as the next generation chat tool that combines AI and live chat, we noticed the need to bring more “life” into chat conversations. What we were looking for was how to create more emotions to the visitors on your website, so that they feel a closer connection to your brand and wish to engage with your products and services. With the launch of VideoBot we are taking a bold step into that direction.

So what does VideoBot do?

  • Our VideoBot features allows you to insert short 15-20 seconds videos into the content of your bot.
  • These videos are played as the visitor opens the chat window.
  • The videos give the visitor the essence of what you do or sell in a few seconds. Think of it like telling your friend what you do.
  • The videos are followed by interactive next step links to guide the visitor to learn more about your website.
  • The bot is integrated at all times, so when customers start asking free text based questions, the bot understands natural languages and elaborates on the points made in the video.

The benefits of VideoBot is increasing conversions of visitors. Whether you are an online store, sell professional IT/marketing/consulting services or simply wish to engage you customers more, VideoBot can help. By providing visitors a few interactive clips they can easily grasp the essence of your website/product/service and are more likely to show stronger interest.

For more information talk to our VideoBot on our website or book an online demo here



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