New customer – Enefit

Glad to announce that Enefit has launched their virtual sales assistant on the Finnish market. Enefit is Eesti Energia’s subsidiary in Finland. Eesti Energia is an energy group which consists of more than 20 companies and employs approximately 5 800 people. It is the largest producer of energy in the Baltics, incl. one of the biggest renewable energy producers. Enefit is currently in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Sweden.

Enefit recently entered the Finnish market and built a virtual sales assistant, called Sähköbotti (Energy Bot in Finnish). The bot was built on the AlphaBlues platform and integrated on the website. The bot helps new customers choose the best energy package right from the website.

Enefit chose the bot to differentiate from the competition and offer its customers new and easier ways of purchasing energy plans. As the energy markets are highly competitive, such differentiation helps Enefit stand out with its digital and user-friendly customer experiences.

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