New Customer – Statistics Estonia

AlphaBlues started working with Statistics Estonia in automating their customer support. Statistics Estonia is an Estonian government agency in the area of administration of the Ministry of Finance. The main task of Statistics Estonia is to provide public institutions, business and research circles, international organisations and individuals with reliable and objective information on the economic, demographic, social and environmental situation and trends in Estonia.

The aim of the co-operation is to develop a virtual assistant that helps users in their interactions with Statistics Estonia. According to AlphaBlues CEO Indrek Vainu “by utilizing our AlphaAI chatbot creation platform and AlphaChat live chat system, we are bringing Statistics Estonia closer to their users and providing more seamless support”.

Artificial intelligence is one of the focus areas among the government agencies in Estonia as the state is seeking to utilize AI for the benefit of its citizens. Maarja Jämsa, Team Leader of Main User at Statistics Estonia, adds that “we see AI and chatbots as one of the ways through which we can make the customer experience better for our users and are pleased with our collaboration with AlphaBlues and the depth of know-how they have in this field”.

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