New Customer – Telia Lithuania

AlphaBlues has started working with Telia Lithuania in automating their customer service. Telia Lithuania is a leading telecommunications company offering mobile and broadband services to its customer base of more than 1 million customers. 

The company was looking for a Conversational AI solution for its customer experience automation. AlphaBlues was chosen for its product that allows end-to-end chat automation by creating Natural Language Understanding based virtual assistants and chat automation tools. 

In October virtual assistant Aita was launched in the Telia Lithuania website and started offering help to Telia’s customers. Customers can chat with Aita and ask questions the same way they would approach a human customer support agent. Aita is capable of understanding natural language in Lithuanian and offers answers to their queries. It is working 24/7, answers are given in milliseconds and the virtual assistant is constantly evolving in knowledge.

“We are thrilled to be working with Telia in Lithuania on their Artificial Intelligence efforts. They have a bold vision where customer interaction and customer experience is headed and they are embracing the possibilities that AI can bring. Creating their own virtual assistant Aita is a great step in that direction” says Indrek Vainu, the CEO of AlphaBlues.

According to Tomas Kisielius, Product Manager at Telia Lithuania “We selected AlphaBlues because of their experience in the field of Conversational AI and experience in working with enterprises. Creating our own AI-based virtual assistant Aita has shown much promise already and we are excited about the possibilities it brings.”


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