New product launch – AlphaChat

Excited to share news that we’re now one of the first to have integrated AI virtual assistants and live chat seamlessly into a coherent solution. 

We now have two products for our enterprise customers. First, there is AlphaAI – our own NLP engine and virtual assistant building product. And the second product we just launched is AlphaChat. AlphaChat is a live chat platform (akin to Intercom, LiveChat, Zopim) where customer service teams can answer incoming chats from customers.

Why is this exciting? AlphaAI and AlphaChat work in tandem. They fully automate customer experience and journey into one flowfrom website visit and potential resolution with a Virtual Assistant ⏩ to a conversation and final resolution with a human agent.

This was born from our current customers’ need and the struggle of integrating AlphaAI with third-party chat systems.

What’s new about it?

  • Well for one, AlphaAI does intelligent routing. If the Virtual Assistant is unable to help customers, the queries are routed by topic categorization to correct teams in AlphaChat and to the best performing agent. That way the agents that are most suited to answer particular topics can help your customers.
  • For two, AlphaAI provides answer suggestions to agents in AlphaChat. Our AI offers agents automated suggestions what to answer customers. This means agents can use suggested answer to reply quicker to customers.
  • And for three, AlphaAI learns automatically by observing human agents answer questions in AlphaChat and automatically trains itself. This reduces the need for manual training for virtual assistants and speeds up their learning curve.

You can book a product demo from this link 👉 👈

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