New product release: speech-to-text and text-to-speech integration

Excited to announce our latest product release as we integrated speech-to-text and text-to-speech functionality into our product. Now it is possible to add voice recognition into our virtual assistants so that your users can speak directly with assistant and get answers without the need to type. This opens up a wide range of possibilities such as:

  • Integrating voice input based virtual assistants on your website directly from the chat window with the push of a button.
  • Utilizing speech based input from your mobile app in customer service. You customers don’t need to type questions and can simply speak to the chat window.
  • Ability to transcribe existing phone call logs and use that data automatically in training your customer service systems.
  • Using text-to-speech to have the assistant read out answers either on the website or in the mobile app.
  • Building a “customized Siri” that can be integrated also into a hardware device 🙂 For example if you are a telco and want to have voice guided functionality in your TV remote control.

The opportunities are really endless as voice based interfaces with machines get smarter and become more available during 2018 and beyond. There are more than 47 million people reached by smart speakers (predominantly Google Home and Amazon Echo) in the US already. This goes to show that consumer adoption of the devices is already at a strong level.

What is needed next are consumer facing products and service that utilize voice in a smart manner to provide value for users. With any technology it takes time for the capabilities to mature but considering the quick uptake of these devices by users it is evident that market demand is there. Now it is a matter of satisfying that demand with relevant offerings. Reach out (indrek.vainu @ if you’re also excited about voice and want to delight your customers.


We also gave an interview to a news portal on where NLP is headed and what role voice plays in such developments (in Estonian)

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