Newspaper reports: AlphaBlues makes the first popular customer service chatbots in Estonia

“The TrainBot and the BusBot are the first Estonian chatbots that have started to play a role in the everyday customer service” writes the leading Estonian newspaper in their article about chabots that we at CartSkill launched a few months ago. “It is possible to communicate with those bots. Each request is responded quickly and a quick praise “Thank you” is followed by the reaction “You’re welcome” … aside from this the bots can offer relevant information and are able to show you train and bus departure times, schedules and prices”.

It has been great to see a quick uptake and frequent usage of the TrainBot and the BusBot by users during the past months. We launched both services out of a necessity to make finding transportation times for buses and trains as easy as possible. Thus far Messenger has been a great channel and a big thank you to all the users out there 🙂


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