Nordic Data Science and Machine Learning Summit Recap

Yesterday our CTO Hendrik Luuk had the honours of presenting at the Nordic Data Science and Machine Learning Summit in Stockholm 🇸🇪 The conference was sold out, which gives a hint to the level of interest in the topic of machine learning in this region. Our talk was titled “Automating customer service chat via AI-based natural language understanding” and in a nutshell we gave an overview and key lessons from building up a customer service chat automation platform with built-in natural language understanding system from ground zero. The key takeaways of the talk were:

  • Human-level language understanding is much more complicated than matching token patterns.
  • Training data is scarce.
  • Customization is the key to good user experience.
  • Automation pays off when volumes are large.

The conference had good technical depth and there were several great presentations. King, the makers of the mobile game Candy Crush, had a very interesting presentation on applying AI in game testing. The approach they have taken is using neural networks to understand human behaviour in gameplay and then run new levels through such trained networks which essentially are able to test human performance in new levels.

It is an interesting approach as most networks, like AlphaGo Zero, are built towards beating humans but with mobile games the goal is to make the game challenging yet enjoyable to humans. In addition, Peltarion had an insightful talk about segmenting brain tumour even with small datasets. It gave insight into how to create algorithms that are able to perform on par with humans.

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