Product Updates: WhatsApp Support

AlphaBlues Conversational AI is now available on WhatsApp platform. Our virtual assistant building platform AlphaAI is now connected with WhatsApp enabling us to provide WhatsApp users functionality on par with our virtual assistants that are usually placed on websites. We have been asked about building virtual assistants into WhatsApp and below have highlighted some of the features from our WhatsApp virtual assistant. If you have interest in automating sales or customer service in WhatsApp, do get in touch.


1. Bot activation by message

Users can start interacting with the virtual assistant simply by sending a greeting such as “hey” or “hello”.  This will activate the bot and a welcome message with the main menu will be sent out.


2. Quick navigation in the main menu with numbers

Users can swiftly navigate and choose topics from the menu by sending the appropriate number.


3. Free text interaction

Users can write questions in free text and the virtual assistant will give answers. The virtual assistant will analyze user enquiries and activate answers even when the menu is opened or the activation word has not been said.


4. Location based services

Users can send their location and the virtual assistant will generate answers based on that. For example, this could be used to find nearby cash machines. If there are any cash machines/ATMs nearby, then the virtual assistant will provide maximum of 3 most relevant cash machine locations to the user. When there are no cash machines nearby (in our case nearby defined as in within 2,5 km radius), the user will receive a message „no ATMs available“.
















5. Speech recognition and voice control

Users can send voice messages to communicate with the virtual assistant. Take a look at the example below:

In this case, voice message including „get a loan“ was sent. The speech recognition API converted the voice message to text, which then allowed the virtual assistant to recognize the intent and send out an appropriate answer.

Furthermore, when the user has sent the message „voice“ to the conversation, the answers will be provided in voice messages. This function can be easily switched off by repeating the same phrase „voice“. As you can see over here, „voice“ option disabled phrase „hey“ activated the usual welcome message together with the main menu.


WhatsApp has proven to be an essential communication platform for billions of people worldwide. We are excited to offer WhatsApp users our virtual assistants functionality and convenience that previously was only available in web browsers. If virtual assistants on WhatsApp is something that might benefit your business, contact us and let’s work out the best solution for your use case.

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