Statistics Estonia Starts Using Multi-Bot Handover

We are excited to announce that Statistics Estonia has begun using our multi-bot system, which enables users to have a frictionless conversation with a virtual assistant that suits the person the most.

Although official language of Estonia is Estonian, there are several prominent other languages present. To offer services for any resident regardless of their native language, we have developed a multi-bot system (Multi-Bot Handover) for Statistics Estonia’s digital public services. With this kind of a solution virtual assistants understand the language of the user message and automatically hand over the conversation to an appropriate bot. And should the virtual assistants get in trouble, the user will be granted with an option to talk to a human agent.

“The ability for our Estonian speaking chatbot to autonomously hand over the customer to the English language chatbot at the right moment for the customer is something that gives our solution an added level of intelligence. Such co-operation between chatbots highlights how ConversationalAI is moving towards a collaborative working environment between various AI agents.”

— Ilona Ehtla, Chatbot Operations Manager, Statistics Estonia

Statistics Estonia virtual assistants can be used in any device (laptops, tablets, phones) at all times. User does not need to download any additional applications.

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