What Media Companies Are Looking For

We at CartSkill recently attended the media and start-up matching event MediaHoneypot in Helsinki put together by the good people at ArcticStartup. As we’ve been deeply engaged in the world of media, advertising, marketing and publishing over the past months, it was a good chance to get some fresh perspective from a number of large media companies both in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

A couple of messages that we picked up:

  • Ad blocking is (still) a problem. Ads pay for the content but blocking them means that producing that content will get more expensive. So media companies are developing different tactics to solve the problem. An opportunity to innovate with new engaging ad formats, right?
  • A lot can be done for personalizing the user journey in the web. As people shop for things online, there are various ways that they can be retargeted with add-on products. Such as when you buy a bike there could be offers for helmets and locks and these could be tailored to your tastes and offered at discount.
  • Mobile and video will grow. Mobile in many respects is already bigger than desktop and that will continue to grow. What was interesting to notice was how the importance of video will grow over the next years. This is true from the content creation point of view and also from the advertising point of view.
  • Understanding customers is key. As the landscape in media is quickly shifting from traditional digital ads to social media to messaging, understanding user needs and wants is key. As the saying goes “focus on the user and all else will follow”.

An excellent part of the event was the Deal Room where start-ups and media companies could set-up one-to-one meetings for 20 minutes. This was a great opportunity that we made good use of aside from the pitch on the stage. Hopefully the event takes place next year as well, we’ll be happy to take part.


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